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Small Water Customs was started for an 8th Grade "Passion Project", and I then fell in love with the craft and how you can bring something into reality with your own two hands, and then go and catch fish with it. The "Passion Project" was something that we did at the end of the school year. I quickly realized that this is what I want to do for a living.

After that project, I realized that quality handcrafted baits designed specifically for small shallow water were difficult to find at times. Then I started Small Water Customs. Small Water Customs is dedicated to those of us that fish very shallow, small water for bass, pike, and other gamefish. All products are hand carved, built, and painted by Braden Webb one at a time. Special thanks to Mike Reneau and Mark Spolarich for mentoring me and making this possible! Find them on Facebook, they make awesome stuff too!

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